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Broken light's (wip) by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Broken light's (wip) :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 7 2 Butch De' fucking Loria by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Butch De' fucking Loria :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 15 0 A dood of my girl Shesvii by AnonymousTrollF4c3 A dood of my girl Shesvii :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 18 13 Bioshock Infinite Broken Little Bird by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Bioshock Infinite Broken Little Bird :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 29 12 The Lone Wanderer wip by AnonymousTrollF4c3 The Lone Wanderer wip :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 7 0 Elizabeth wip by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Elizabeth wip :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 10 5 Victoria and Ixxik by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Victoria and Ixxik :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 16 5 The divide in his eyes... by AnonymousTrollF4c3 The divide in his eyes... :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 23 24 Fnv Fox Wilde character concept sheet by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Fnv Fox Wilde character concept sheet :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 14 2 Happy Early Birthday! for Vexxed-Valentines-XO by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Happy Early Birthday! for Vexxed-Valentines-XO :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 18 6 Specimen 02 by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Specimen 02 :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 10 2 The search for The Divide by AnonymousTrollF4c3 The search for The Divide :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 7 0 Courier Loretta by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Courier Loretta :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 21 11 Commission for ice1517 by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Commission for ice1517 :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 15 8 In the divide ... by AnonymousTrollF4c3 In the divide ... :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 2 0 In the divide... by AnonymousTrollF4c3 In the divide... :iconanonymoustrollf4c3:AnonymousTrollF4c3 3 0


Your Face by JuneRevolver Your Face :iconjunerevolver:JuneRevolver 24 3 Sketch Woods by JuneRevolver Sketch Woods :iconjunerevolver:JuneRevolver 19 4 Watch the world burn - UPDATE by Phillymar Watch the world burn - UPDATE :iconphillymar:Phillymar 907 26 Billy, The Mad King by Phillymar Billy, The Mad King :iconphillymar:Phillymar 452 33 A Timeless Crusade by Phillymar A Timeless Crusade :iconphillymar:Phillymar 175 13 So Yoo Nam by CherrySUN93 So Yoo Nam :iconcherrysun93:CherrySUN93 5 0 Connor Kenway by CherrySUN93 Connor Kenway :iconcherrysun93:CherrySUN93 29 0 Long-haired Connor by CherrySUN93 Long-haired Connor :iconcherrysun93:CherrySUN93 31 2 Lutece by CherrySUN93 Lutece :iconcherrysun93:CherrySUN93 76 2 What do you see? by JuneRevolver What do you see? :iconjunerevolver:JuneRevolver 61 2 Face Off by JuneRevolver Face Off :iconjunerevolver:JuneRevolver 216 7 So Long and Goodnight by JuneRevolver So Long and Goodnight :iconjunerevolver:JuneRevolver 165 25 I'm Sorry by JuneRevolver I'm Sorry :iconjunerevolver:JuneRevolver 330 31 Yi Suchong by MadLittleClown Yi Suchong :iconmadlittleclown:MadLittleClown 270 44 Julie Langford by MadLittleClown Julie Langford :iconmadlittleclown:MadLittleClown 318 11 Dr. Steinman by MadLittleClown
Mature content
Dr. Steinman :iconmadlittleclown:MadLittleClown 559 46



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United States
Happy Halloween by AngelicHellraiser
living somewhere beyond the plain of your existence far, so far away...
*Before you enter my page. Know this one tiny detail. I FUCKING HATE NECROMORPHS!!! I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU IF YOU ARE ONE OR IF YOU SEND ME ONE!*

Mature Content

Stomp The Yard by tavumkal

Now thank you for reading this, now have a nice day.

Animated Pumpkin Divider by Gasara

Some kid posting shit and never finishes.
Will find you and fight you.
And Loves video games.
Still suffering from PTSDEADSPACE and cant find a cure.
Is in love with Tealc and jealous he has better brows.
And loves the nerds. (ALL OF THEM).

You wanna see me post and draw crap:…

I do commissions, art trades and I take request!
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Open by SweetDuke Requests - Open by SweetDuke

It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon) by gold94chica

idubbbz stamp by shrimpson Filthy Frank - MAKE ME A SANDWICH, BITCH Stamp by rockstarcrossing

Love Fallout by Robin-Huzell Bioshock - Rapture - stamp by shatinn Songbird Fan Stamp by Jailboticus Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Gears of War Stamp by FlippinPhil Halo Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps Dead Space Stamp by GAMEKRIBzombie


Broken light's (wip)
Hey babes, I’m finally working on some art for ya’ll ( after a million years). I’ve drawn and done a wip of an animation for my sister Vexxed-Valentines-XO ‘s oc and my bae Ravynne aka “Mean MoM”. I really hope I can finish this sometime, till then piece babes<3…
Butch De' fucking Loria
Soooo, i wanna apologize for disappearing on all of ya’ll. My reason: I’ve been wasting my day drawing my favorite asshole Butch Deloria if he were a companion in Fallout New Vegas, cause I miss this asshole sooo much! I tried to draw him in a way that says “I’ve seen some shit” in other words I just got a reason to draw blood, bruises, black eyes and if you didn’t notice prosthetic arm. I have more art coming up soon so hope you guys like this:)
I'll probs re-use his model in fallout4
A dood of my girl Shesvii
My hands slipped and I ended up with this masterpiece! Thanks Shesvii for letting me draw you, it was a pretty fun experience. I hope I did okay drawing you<3 :D (Big Grin)*internally screaming*:scared:
Bioshock Infinite Broken Little Bird
I’m not quite done with this but I decided I’ve kept you guys waiting long enough. I really love Bioshock Infinite and the Bioshock series and I really hope I can draw more bioshock art for ya’ll. But for now I present you with Elizabeth, The Broken Little Bird . Hope you guys enjoy this piece:)
The Lone Wanderer wip
Late night wip of my lone “The Lone Wanderer”, hope ya’ll have a good night and sleep well and hopefully I’ll be done with Elizabeth soon heres a peek of the unfinished version. See ya’ll tomorrow sweet dreams and peace<3
Hi this is my first time doing commissions so read the information below before you continue;

(For me to go through your commissions I need you to send me all your information through a note)

-Send me a character reference sheet and 3 words describing your characters personality traits

-How many characters do you want me to draw???

-You can send a pose and facial expression as reference.

-A colour palette or a reference from one of your drawings.

-Please be understanding a patient (drawing takes time and especially when your drawing for others).

-Payement will come after I've finished the art work but before I submit your commission; I will give you a preview If you like what you see then you can pay me and I'll submit you the artwork for you to do as you please but remember to credit me<3

-I will draw your OCs and characters from any specified fandom ect.

There are thing I will and will not draw such as;
Fetish art
Major gore/Overly sensitive Imagery

But I will draw;
Mild Nudity (These are potraits so you probably wont see much nudity anyway xD).
Mild gore
And pretty much anything that sfw.

Currently one spot is open.


50 Points

The Taste Of A LIAR : Halo Edition by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Angry 1st Recon Potato wip! by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Mad Moxxi Wip! by AnonymousTrollF4c3

Flat Coloured/Light shading/Black and White sketch 70

Chester Bennington by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Proctor Teagan by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Tempest Shadow by AnonymousTrollF4c3 FlutterShy The Monster of the East DAUGHTER?! wip by AnonymousTrollF4c3

Fully shaded and coloured 90

Victoria (For The-Librarian-FLWLS!) by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Drowning in my problems by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Ulysses by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Pajama RD! by AnonymousTrollF4c3 Bloody Potato Girl by AnonymousTrollF4c3

(Be noted an extra character is 15


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